Available October 2017
God doesn’t change and neither does His Word. But His methods of reaching us are constantly changing. An unchanging God who changes or breaks the rules to meet us is an absurdity and a contradiction—but it is, in fact, true.

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Everyone knows the God who keeps the rules, and tells us to keep them, too. But most have never met the God who breaks the rules, and breaks them to bring us close. Religion needs an updated understanding of God. We have defined God and put Him in a box—when it is God who wants to define us. God is not satisfied with our living a limited life with a limited view of Him, full of confusion, hampered by doubt, and clouded despite the hundreds of thousands of churches, pastors, and sermons. Whether your rules are personal, religious, environmental, or societal, if He has to break them to get to you, He will. God will do whatever it takes to clarify you, call you, prepare you, and promote you. He broke the rules for David, for Abraham, for Moses, for Joshua, for Rahab, and He will break them for you too, if you let Him. Because when you’re ready to rediscover God, there’s not a single rule that can get in the way. 

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This book is about change.
Not about changing God, but changing how we see Him and, more importantly, how we let Him see us.

God doesn’t desire the abolishment of rules, but He does desire the destruction of any and all barriers that keep us from knowing Him and truly living the life He created us to live.

In God’s eyes, the perfect person to break the rules for is the most imperfect person in our eyes.

While the idea of God being a “rule-breaker” may seem outrageous, believing God would break rules on our behalf—personally and individually—is likely even more absurd.

As theologically irrational as it may seem, God has always been set on challenging, frustrating, and unnerving people’s precepts through unorthodox methods.

Time and time again, we think, “It can’t be done this way.” But God says, “It can.”
Sergio De La Mora

Sergio De La Mora

Sergio De La Mora is the visionary founder and pastor of Cornerstone Church of San Diego, ranked one of the fastest growing church in America by Outreach Magazine. Called the "Turn Around Specialist," he has influenced a multi-generational and multi-ethnic community in both English and Spanish for almost 20 years. His passion and vision to plant churches with the purpose of reaching new territory for Christ, led him to launch satellite campuses in La Jolla, San Marcos, Tijuana, Tucson, and Mexico City.

Sergio also created The Heart Revolution Conference, which gathers well-known thought leaders from all over the nation to revolutionize the hearts of the next generation. This international conference has grown annually to become one of the most highly anticipated leadership gatherings in America.